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CPA Services Taxes are only one area in which Joel is an expert consultant. His background in closely held businesses has shaped the way he interacts with business owners. His role as a trusted advisor is evident in the inter-personal issues (between business owners and between the owners and their staff) that routinely occur in closely held entities. Whether your goal is to build a business, manage a business or own your job, Joel is a valuable planning resource. The majority of the firm’s clients are in the NY/NJ/CT area. Owners who live in one state and work in another ...

College Planning

Help to Pay For College Joel Peck is a Certified Public Accountant with over 15 years of experience helping parents of high school students pay for college. He has gone through the process for his own family as well. Often called a financial psychologist, he adeptly handles the emotionally charged environment of a family with a college-bound child and helps them with the financial journey ahead. He teaches families how to make the financial aid process work FOR them rather than against them. We all know how expensive college has become and how miserable the financial aid process can be. ...

Sales Tax

Sales Tax Joel Peck is a Certified Public Accountant who has an expertise in defending business owners in sales tax audits. Too many business owners are unaware of their rights as they pertain to audit. Sales tax auditors often ask for information they are not entitled to, misuse information they are given, issue assessments based on “industry standard” information that is not applicable and conduct audits without even looking at the sales records. Business owners feel like they are on the defensive. They need help navigating the process. Joel defends the rights of the business owner to rely on laws ...

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